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Customer Reviews

More than what is advertised. A great product. Cast iron crock pot with enamel staying hot for 7hours. Cooks anything.

R Martin

This is, absolutely, the best slow-cooking invention ever. We love this thing. I've been using it for two years now, and it's absolutely fantastic. While I haven't gone the full 12 hours with it yet, I've done 11 hours. 11 hours later, and our chicken soup was still at a very high food safe temperature. Incredible! The Wonderbag is amazing, and I highly recommend it! It's great for parties, too.

Scott C

We live on a sailboat, so a regular crock pot is not an option. This thing works great. I'd even use it if we lived on land.

B. Bartlett

I frequently cook "sous vide", which often means leaving a pot of heated water out for up to 24 hours at a time. I love using this to cut down on the energy use. With my pot in this, my sous vide circulator uses very little energy once the water has reached the desired temperature.

Ron M

I bought this for my mother in law for Christmas, she has used it 3 times and loves it!!!

Amazon Customer

I couldn't be more pleased with the Wonderbag. It has been in service non stop since I opened the box. It has served the purpose that I purchased it for perfectly cutting down our time occupied by preparing morning and evening meals significantly. It is big enough to use our large soup pot with no problems. We cook grains and rice for our livestock and gone are the days of scraping the bottom of the pan. Clean up is a breeze as nothing burns or sticks to your pots. It's winter now but I am looking forward to how it will reduce the hear in the house from saving the cooking time. Okinawa is hot in the summer and this has been a real issue over the years. Looking for a lot of relief this year from this product.

Amazon Customer

This is working well for me! I especially like it for hard boiled eggs, long-cook time veggies, and bake-type goods (that I can get away with making in a pot over the stove and the leaving in the wonderbag for a long time). I'm more iffy on using it for soups and stuff where the pot is really full of liquids as the bottom is not totally even and I had experience with my spill spilling a little. It was easy to clean though. I stick my wonderbag in a large delicates bag and washed it and let it air dry and it was totally fine. I stick to less "filled to the brim with liquids" dishes for this now though.

Sharon Chen