The 10 Wonderbag Wonders..

1. HEALTHY: Cooking in the wonderbag. keeps the moisture inside your food and nutrients don't boil away promoting healthy food.

2. SAFE: Slow cooking in the wonderbag uses less water, food doesn't burn and neither should you or your family.

3. TASTY AND DELICIOUS: Cooking in the wonderbag over time tenderizes meat, keeps vegetables firm, allows flavours to develop so meals are tasty and delicious. 

4. PORTABLE: The wonderbag is perfect for transporting meals to picnics and to friends – ready to share and eat – piping hot. Once it is used, it can be put away.  

5. CATALYST FOR CHANGE: – The wonderbag changes lives. For every large wonderbag purchased a donation is make to The Wonderbag Foundation. The Foundation distributes wonderbags to families in need in Africa who by using a wonderbag can create more disposable income for education, enjoy better health, have more time with their families, live safer lives and use considerably less fuel which contributes to reforestation.

6. WONDERTIME CONVENIENCE: Eat when you're ready. Family or friends running late? Keep your wonderbag meal fresh and hot without spoiling it or prepare meals in advance, the night before, or in the morning and just reheat and serve.  A nutritious meal is ready in minutes.

7. INSULATES: Hot and Cold - The wonderbag keeps things cold too, so it’s a great farmers market or supermarket companion to keep your groceries cold and frozen while traveling.

8. VERSATILE: The wonderbag is not just a slow cooker. It’s a great YOGURT maker, RICE cooker and BREAD ‘prover’.

9. GOODNESS IN A BAG: The wonderbag is good to the environment and good to you. 

10. GORGEOUS: wonderbags are designed and made in attractive fabrics that are easy to wash, wipe and clean.